Boyfriend who fooled direct people into sex by posing as wife on Tinder jailed

Duarte Xavier utilized matchmaking programs to bring guys into erotic activities at his southern area newcastle level, law enforcement said

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Men who posed as a lady using the internet to fool aspiring suitors into blindfolded erotic relationships at his or her smooth continues jailed.

Duarte Xavier attracted four men to their residence in Wandsworth, southwest birmingham, virtually the “convincing” persona of a girl called “Ana” on internet dating software like Tinder.

Once they received reached the flat, the 33-year-old made excuses in order to avoid their victims from watching the woman they certainly were expecting to meet, by forcing those to have on a blindfold or protecting their look.

He’d consequently sexually assault the boys, leaving one hence scarred he or she designed post-traumatic stress disease (PTSD), Kingston top courtroom seen.


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Giving down a 15-year phrase on monday, vice-judge ally common Michael Hunter advised Xavier: “You have been discovered responsible for exactly what can just be described as a marketing of trick and getting intercourse by pretending that you are currently a lady.

“By pretending that you were a wonderful and intimately exciting young woman, one enticed them into starting sexual intercourse with you.

“I have considered your planned and terrible strategies that you very carefully used to subject their patients for this action.

“You have actually shown no remorse or familiarity with the positioning of any subjects.”

The judge have known Xavier was a “liar and a fantasist” which utilizing his feminine alter vanity sent provocative images and emails to their subjects to make them browse their lifeless.

This individual determined the four assaults between January 2016 and April this current year, acquiring caught two times during the process not becoming billed by law enforcement until one third complaint have been produced.

Xavier ended up discovered halfway through sexual experiences by two of his victims, since they eliminated the blindfolds he’d directed those to put on.

Both kept his lifeless soon after realising they had been recently duped in addition to the second person documented the event to authorities in Oct 2017, top Xavier staying detained.

One third sufferer, that has at first started as well ashamed to state the disturbance, stated he was told by “Ana” to satisfy in King George’s Park in Wandsworth, the spot where the set have sexual intercourse.

It wasn’t until the two met for a second moment a few days after the prey experience Xavier and discovered exactly who he previously love-making with.

After finding out he had become deceived, a fourth and last victim would be very angered through trial he referred to as police straight away, ready and waiting outside the flat for officials to-arrive and apprehend Xavier.

In an impression report on the the courtroom, one victim explained he had been recently mentally scarred for life by way of the encounter.

“He was very convincing. It absolutely was allowed to be just a bit of sincere exciting between two consenting older people,” they stated. “I now have harsh fatigue, uneasiness, panic disorder and depression.

“I became an individuals person earlier and loved fulfilling new people. Right now personally i think I’m transporting across a dark mystery which will often be a part of myself. I’m Hoping someday I Will try to faith men and women again.”